February 8, 2008
Around the Web ....
I usually come across quite a few interesting web finds -- and thought I would post once a week all my interesting finds.


Heritage Recipes -- Lots of old fashioned recipes and traditions.

Homemade Calzones -- from I Have to Say -- I usually make them with pizza dough but this dough just looks softer. Give them a try, they are really good. I grew up eating them from New York Pizzerias and they were stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella cheese with sausage and or pepperoni. Yum!

Convenience Mixes -- This mini-book is full of recipes for mixes you can make yourself. It really is less expensive as well as healthier (unless of course with coupons its free!)

Oatmeal Crispies -- super good. I love The Pioneer Woman Cooks -- next time I may substitute 1/2 cup of wheat pastry flour for 1/2 all-purpose. My boys devoured a bag and my husband loved these too! I must have raisins in my homemade oatmeal cookies so I added those as well and skipped the nuts.


Interesing Article from The Simple Dollar Little Steps: 100 Great Tips For Saving Money For Those Just Getting Started


Valentine Tree Plaque from The Homespun Heart (I liked how she made her background words from scripture. She always has recipes and crafts and posts about home life, and they were just blessed with a new baby boy last month.



Those sound interesting!

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