January 29, 2010
Wow, another week passed!
Really love the song below.  Most of that is my heart regarding souls ... at times I fail miserably but I do believe that people really need the Lord.

I have NO CLUE what I would have done if I didn't have the Lord to lean on during the past year.  I do not know how people do it.  I would have been a basket case, don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy by any means and I have my "melt down" moments -- but my strength truly came from the Lord.  It continues to this day.

Lexi did get that awesome job -- we were all a little shocked about the hourly wage!   It was about $3.00 more than they quote at first with good health benefits and a 401K plan.  So Josh and Lexi have awesome jobs now.  Going to take care of a few piddly medical bills and work on their house.  They really need to live somewhere around our town because he works 30 minutes one way and she works the other direction. 
They are so thankful to the Lord for this opportunity!  I'm so glad that they realize where the thanks belongs.  Lexi does get to work with a sister in our church so that is just an added bonus.  The ladies at her current job weren't always very nice to her.  She is a pretty meek person -- I don't like it when people treat her unkindly.  She's had enough of that in life.  People just need to get a life.

There's been a lot of talk about unity in our church.  Unity and trust walk hand in hand.   We all need to work on trust ... hard to walk in unity with someone that you aren't trusting of.   Hard.   Been there.  Won't do that again.

I made a baby blanket for one of the international officer's.   His wife had a baby girl on December 30th.
They are from the UK and he came right after my cancer diagnosis and beginning "bald" days.   I don't know if he was warned ahead of time, but when they came in our office -- I never saw that in their eyes.   No disgust, no pity -- no alien looks.  None of that.  I didn't forget and I appreciated it so.  Anytime I've had the chance to help him, I've gone above and beyond that.   He needed help getting his daughter added to his orders and I helped him get it done in less than 2 hours.  He said I was her "fairy godmother".  LOL
So I made her a "cinderella" blanket.  It really touched them -- a drop if kindness goes far beyond we can ever think or dream.   I get to meet her next week when I am sure I am over this sickness/cold.   No cooties for Annabel.   =)   Good people.

Have two more in the works for two special little boys!

I'm not saying everyone had that look -- but so many did.

Not much plans for this weekend, Kansas City tomorrow ... hoping to get Josh and Lexi to take us to Cheddar's to celebrate.  A Ladies' Valentine Tea at church on the 13th and my hub turns the big "50"

Thanks for your continued prayers ... love ya!


Until the Whole World Hears ... so very true


January 22, 2010
Interesting weeks ...
I have had an interesting couple of weeks -- work has been busy because a new class just arrived and getting all that completed makes you brain tired on top of the long days and evening events.  

I got a little careless with germs, so I am fighting a cold.  But thankfully that's all it is.  I don't feel too whoopy.  I need to get tires put on tomorrow morning and then I think I will chill at home for the rest of the weekend and get some rest.

We are supposed to get more cold weather and possibly snow on Sunday.  Everything is already grey, wet and muddy as it is.

I've become a "fairy godmother" in the last few weeks, I have been "cursed" by a woman who needs the Lord.  Her words are nothing because she has no power behind it. I am still working around the anger part of it.  Not sure what I will do when I meet her face to face again.  People need to look in their own backyard before they start worrying about what is in someone else's.

My co-worker has decided to stay with our organization, so I was glad of that.  No changes there.

My Level 1 Certification was approved for my job.   I did the course while going through chemo -- and it was doubly hard -- because I did have some chemo brain to deal with.  I'm glad that's over.   I won't be eligible for Level II unless I have a bachelor's.  I have an associates and lots of credits over that but I am not willing or wanting to put the money towards that right now.   It's definitely not a need.

Our mudroom wall had a fire in it -- an electrical fire -- so thankful that it ended up being a small thing rather than a HUGE thing.   I may want a "nicer" house but not at the expense of losing life or memorable stuff.

... working on decluttering ... the last 8 months are really a blur and most things got put to the back burner.  I had to just let a lot of things go.  I just couldn't physically handle much of it.  I'm still struggling with not feeling well.  It scares me a bit.  But I am trusting God.  I think all the damp weather is a major factor.   We haven't seen the sun for days.

Lexi had a job interview on Thursday -- its one she has been waiting almost a year for.  Please pray that the Lord opens the door on that.  That would be just awesome.

Roy turned 50 on Valentine's Day -- need to make plans for that!   He's been a huge help to me.  Last night he helped me clean out fridge, wash dishes, fold clothes and sweep...I didn't feel great but I so wanted it cleaned up a bit.  Lexi was babysitting so she was gone and I had been gone the last 2 nights for work.

Not much else going on .... met some really neat new international officers.   I really love that part of my job.

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January 16, 2010
Menu Plan #3

I ended up making Buffalo Chicken Casserole on Thursday since I had everything.
It was pretty yummy!   I didn't do the bleu cheese though, low-fat Ranch is more our style.  I just drizzled a bit on.  Good stuff.

I am now totally out of my free/close to free canned organic tomatoes.  I had a BUNCH thanks to coupons, but that one used my last can.  Wish there were coupons out there like that again!!

Hub gets a three-day weekend (for a change) then goes to 9am-6pm work shift.  Stinks.  He is applying out of that post office.   Pray the Lord opens a door close to home -- or wherever His will is.

Our mudroom refrigerator bit the dust -- I think we bought that new in 1988 so it lasted a long time.  We definitely need to find another, we keep extra milk in there that doesn't fit in the inside one.   Probably Craigs List will be our friend for this.   It would have helped to check the breaker.  what a WASTE.  Had a fire in the wall in there too!   Everytime hub is scheduled to teach at church -- things get stirred up.

Here's what I plan on making -- not sure what day for each, but at least I know what I have and can make that.  I like to eat out with the rest of you, but its so expensive to do that all the time. 

Green Chili Rice --   my hub loves green chile

Mexican Rice in the Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

I need to pick up my free rice cooker at Wal-Mart.  I thought the kids would like the Mac & Cheese.  I personally can do without.  I only like the horrid boxed kind and we don't buy that anymore.  I did pick up a couple of boxes of Annie's Organic a few weeks back, yet to be used.   In looking through the freezer/pantry, I found quite a few meals I can make -- which was awesome.   I plan to get back into couponing and stocking up on sales.  

Baked or BBQ Chicken Legs (found them in the fridge fiasco)

Tortellini Soup and Italian Cheese Bread  (its this or Beefaroni / only one pkg of meat!)

Homemade Pizza

Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup

Aldi Oriental Noodles and Rice

Brats are in the freezer too, I only eat the Turkey ones, but they all like these.

Homemade Beefaroni

Chicken Nuggets

Polish Turkey Sausage

Turkey (still didn't make this!)

Frozen Meatballs


January 15, 2010
Have you checked this month?


January 11, 2010
Beef Stew in the Crockpot
I personally do not care for beef stew with a brown sauce.  {shudder}  I grew up with beef stew in a red/tomato sauce, so that is how I cook it. 

Beef stew meat  (or cheap round steak/leftover roast)
1 small onion, diced
6 potatoes (I had red on hand)
1 bag mini carrots
3 stalks celery
salt, pepper, italian seasoning, garlic powder
1 large can tomato sauce
1 bag frozen mixed vegetables

Brown meat and diced onion in a frying pan on the stove.
Peel (or don't peel), but wash potatoes and cut in large chunks
Cut carrots and celery into eatable pieces.

Put everything in the crockpot except for the frozen veggies.  Cook on low all day.  About 30  minutes prior to serving, add the frozen veggies and heat through.
Serve with crusty bread, or bread sticks. 

You can add a can of beef broth if you like.  I usually don't but just rinse out the pan from the meat with a little water and put that in the crockpot.  

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Menu Plan Monday (from the pantry and freezer week!)

Going to be a week eating from what we have ... then I need to stock up, because things are getting low.  Waiting for good sales!!

Work shouldn't be as busy this week -- last week was too stressful for this girl.  It got old quick.
Frozen pipes and talking to all these new students.

Sunday -- Tilipia, Buttered Orzo, Corn, Salad and Pineapple

Monday -- Beef Stew in the Crockpot (my own creation!)

Tuesday -- Red Chile Chicken, Veggies (thanks for the chicken Sis!)

Wednesday -- Chicken Noodle Soup (from a box!)  Grilled Cheese, Veggies

Thursday -- Aldi Oriental Noodles, Rice

Friday -- Hot Dogs, Macaroni and Cheese, Veggies

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January 8, 2010
Soup Creation
A little throw off my Tortellini Soup and Pasta E Fagoli -- but I didn't have everything to make either.

1 pound ground beef or turkey, cooked and crumbled.
1 small onion, diced
2 teaspoons minced garlic
3 stalks celery, diced
1.5 cups of so of diced carrots.

1 large can tomato juice
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can red kidney beans, undrained.

I cooked the meat, then rinsed and drained all the fat off. Return to pot and cook with onion and garlic for 4 minutes. Add remaining ingredients. Let simmer for about 30-45 minutes until vegetables are tender.

In another post, cook small pasta. You can add the pasta directly to the soup pot after cooked, but we always add a scoop to the bowl and ladle the soup over. I don't like it when the pasta absorbs all the liquid when there are leftovers. Yuck.

Serve with Parmesan cheese, and crusty bread for a good meal.

My husband never complains about what he eats, but also very rarely says anything -- but he asked if this was a recipe -- he really liked it. We will definitely throw this together again.

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January 7, 2010
Charlie Bit Me ... Again
One of Josh's ringtones on his cell phone is based on this video ... its soo cute, I giggled and giggled at it. Watch their faces!!


January 6, 2010
Pink Glove Dance ...


January 4, 2010
Menu Plan Monday -- Jan 4th

A new year, a new start!   Every day is actually a new beginning.  I have been doing much thinking and planning.  Going to make the most of 2010 -- as it seems I lost about 9 months of 2009.  

New students arrive this week, so it will be a busy week.  And its FREEZING in Kansas right now. 
I don't do cold well.

Sunday -- Ravioli, Salad and Garlic Bread

Monday -- Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes and Ham, Salad and Veggie

Tuesday -- Crockpot Chili and Rice

Wednesday -- Chicken Noodle Soup and Grilled Cheese Toast

Thursday --  Orchiette and Sausage

Friday -- I work an event .... so they are on their own!

Recipes and links to follow!


January 3, 2010
How to make Homemade Hamburger Helper
I thought I'd share this one ... I haven't bought a box of Hamburger Helper in a few years now.  Sure, its cheap but the nutritional value is probably zero.  

Absolutely LOVE The Chickens in the Road blog!  She did write fiction before moving to her farm but she makes her living through writing.  We can relate to a lot of her learning -- especially how to make a fire in a wood stove!

She has a long list of the different types of Hamburger Helper and how to make them from scratch.


Always Enough
I received a comment yesterday that has made me cry ever since -- thanks so much for caring about me.  I'm not sure why its affected me like it did.  I love you Crystal, so glad those babies are home and whole.  God is truly amazing.  Miracles in actions ...

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January 1, 2010
Happy New Year !!

Praying a safe and awesome year 2010 -- for each of you.   Filled with good health and happiness.

Thanks for your prayers and support, every day that I am cancer free is truly thanks to the Lord.  I give Him all the glory and praise for each day with Him. 
I am praying for years left to serve Him and His kingdom.   By the grace of God.  Truly this blog title fits my life completely now -- as it truly is by the grace of God I have the health I do right now.

Thank you Lord for the healing you have given me -- totally and completely -- for your glory and honor.

Here's to an awesome 2010 filled with good health for ALL OF US!!!    God is so good to us.


Ten Simple Rules by Mercy Me
We heard Mercy Me sing this song a few years ago at their concert -- loved it and my co-worker Jason shared a CD with me and this was on it.  Is this not cool or what?  I think my hub and Bro T need to do this song!!  What you think Sis?

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