January 16, 2010
Menu Plan #3

I ended up making Buffalo Chicken Casserole on Thursday since I had everything.
It was pretty yummy!   I didn't do the bleu cheese though, low-fat Ranch is more our style.  I just drizzled a bit on.  Good stuff.

I am now totally out of my free/close to free canned organic tomatoes.  I had a BUNCH thanks to coupons, but that one used my last can.  Wish there were coupons out there like that again!!

Hub gets a three-day weekend (for a change) then goes to 9am-6pm work shift.  Stinks.  He is applying out of that post office.   Pray the Lord opens a door close to home -- or wherever His will is.

Our mudroom refrigerator bit the dust -- I think we bought that new in 1988 so it lasted a long time.  We definitely need to find another, we keep extra milk in there that doesn't fit in the inside one.   Probably Craigs List will be our friend for this.   It would have helped to check the breaker.  what a WASTE.  Had a fire in the wall in there too!   Everytime hub is scheduled to teach at church -- things get stirred up.

Here's what I plan on making -- not sure what day for each, but at least I know what I have and can make that.  I like to eat out with the rest of you, but its so expensive to do that all the time. 

Green Chili Rice --   my hub loves green chile

Mexican Rice in the Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

I need to pick up my free rice cooker at Wal-Mart.  I thought the kids would like the Mac & Cheese.  I personally can do without.  I only like the horrid boxed kind and we don't buy that anymore.  I did pick up a couple of boxes of Annie's Organic a few weeks back, yet to be used.   In looking through the freezer/pantry, I found quite a few meals I can make -- which was awesome.   I plan to get back into couponing and stocking up on sales.  

Baked or BBQ Chicken Legs (found them in the fridge fiasco)

Tortellini Soup and Italian Cheese Bread  (its this or Beefaroni / only one pkg of meat!)

Homemade Pizza

Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup

Aldi Oriental Noodles and Rice

Brats are in the freezer too, I only eat the Turkey ones, but they all like these.

Homemade Beefaroni

Chicken Nuggets

Polish Turkey Sausage

Turkey (still didn't make this!)

Frozen Meatballs



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