January 3, 2010
How to make Homemade Hamburger Helper
I thought I'd share this one ... I haven't bought a box of Hamburger Helper in a few years now.  Sure, its cheap but the nutritional value is probably zero.  

Absolutely LOVE The Chickens in the Road blog!  She did write fiction before moving to her farm but she makes her living through writing.  We can relate to a lot of her learning -- especially how to make a fire in a wood stove!

She has a long list of the different types of Hamburger Helper and how to make them from scratch.



I do not buy hamburger helper either. not at all good for you. I do like making what we call Perkins specials similar to hamburger helper. Gonna have to check out your link!

Blogger I'mDebtFree said...

I've never bought hamburger helper. Yuck! But I may have to try this :O)

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