December 31, 2009
Got the call ....
and this award ... the  Lord and friends have truly been a huge blessing to me this year. 

Michelle has been up with me in the middle of the night  -- chatting with me and helping me stay sane!!

I was truly trying to be patient about the test results, but the last two days have been stressful.   That's putting it mildly.  I try to stay strong for everyone else.  Jason at work probably sees me at my weakest most days ... I'm thankful he puts up with me.   I think we were both stressing about the call today!!

Thanks Jason!   I could never repay you for all your support and putting up with me.

And I'm losing my eyebrows again, how goofy is that?   Ugh.

MRI and PET Scan both do not show any signs of Metastasis

Thank you Lord!!!

and thank YOU for all your prayers!!




Anonymous Melinda said...

Another amazing Miracle of God!! Sis, we are so excited for you and all God has brought you through this year!!! What an awesome God we serve! You are such a strong child of The King!!! I have watched you through this as you have gone through the lowest possibe valleys, and you have never charged God foolishly!! What a testimony!! There is someone out there that only you will be able to reach!!! We love you sis and continue to pray Gods blessings on you!!!

Blogger Crystal said...


Praise God for His enduring mercies! Love ya sis!

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