December 23, 2009
Doc Visit Update
Radiation went well -- it usually does.  They gave me a graduation certificate and a prayer shawl for healing.  I'll scan a photo in later this evening.

Got my prosthesis and two bras!!  Awesome.  Those things are heavy and they are the ultra light?  Woah.

Then went to see Dr. Shwaiki.  He's still as quirky as ever.  The short of it, is I do a full Pet Scan on Monday morning at 0730 sharp and a brain MRI on Wednesday morning.  This isn't a precautionary thing, he wants to make sure it didn't spread.   For a lot of reasons, which I'll write about later.   I've not had a pet scan before -- more information can be found here.  Pray its clear!

I'm handling things okay -- believing and trusting God.  IJN!

Extra prayers can't hurt.



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