December 21, 2009
My Radiation Oncologist
is definitely one awesome lady.   I've been blessed to be under her care.  Not only her medical care, but her care for me as a patient.  She said I did awesome, and wants me to be their poster child!  LOL!   I told her I need hair first. 

I have 2 more treatments ... then go see her in about a month to see how everything is healing.

She told me to tell Dr Shwaiki thank you for sending me to her, she is just so nice.  I got 2 hugs from her today.  I told her she was awesome -- she loves what she does and it shows. 

She was named one of Kansas City's top doctors in 2006.  These I guess are voted on by other health professionals, which I think tells you a lot.  You can read the article here.


Anonymous Melinda said...

God is so wonderful. I am so happy He made sure you had the best for all of this!!! You deserve the best!!! We love you sis and are believing God for continued miracles in your life!!!

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