December 15, 2009
Mondays are always wonderful!   I type that in jest ... I did accomplish a lot yesterday which was a relief off my shoulders. 

Nice visit with the Radiation Oncologist - Dr. Lindstrom.  She's awesome.  She asked me if I wanted a month off, or even two weeks to give myself a break.  It would be nice, that there are two main issues with that.  The leave issue and I wouldn't do that to my co-worker with a new class coming on Jan 2nd.  He's been here for me this year, taking up a lot of my slack.  No way.  She understood that.  Honestly, I could probably use it.   You can only go on light speed for some long.

The area looks amazingly.  The Lord has kept the damage/skin irritation to a bare minimum.  I saw another lady's that was there by her neck ... it wasn't pretty.  Plus she was talking about helping with the bandages to her husband.   Doc even gave me a hug at the end.  Super nice lady.  They've all been great to me.

I see Dr. Shwaiki on the 23rd of December.  My Radiation graduation date!  IJN only good news.

We lost one of the goats yesterday ... (sigh) ... it was the colored female.  Females are worth more to us than the males.  Not sure if it was just the cold.  She didn't act sick before -- how sad.   Hub put up tarps to close them in from the wind.  We have heaters, but we are afraid of fire out there.

We found a new home for the puppy we called Koko.  He now has a new name of Spike.  He has a home with a mom, dad and 2 little boys.   Glad for that.  Here's a photo of him, isn't he cute?

The puppies do NOT like the cold.   I bundle up and take them out and stay out there with them or else they are crying at the door before doing their business.

We went to see the Christmas Pageant at Raytown Baptist Church on Saturday.  
One word: AWESOME.  If there were any more performances, I'd go again.  Amazing.  Definitely on the list for 2010.

Tonight is: The Nutcracker!!  Going with Sis H and Sarai will be there with a couple of her friends.  Lexi works it.  So the ladies are going.   Can't wait!!

Busy week -- no menu plan on paper, but I do have one in my head.  Thursday night will be spent cooking for the Annual Christmas Dinner/Potluck on Friday evening. Doing easy stuff, but it will be plentiful  I could never just bring cokes or sliced bread!   LOL!   I enjoy making it (most of the time)
Saturday morning will be last minute stuff -- and then cooking baking at the house the rest of the evening.

I remember this morning, I need to pick up something for Judy and the bus-driver and a teacher that Stephen adores.  =)   Any suggestions???  The teacher is an art teacher.   I wish I remembered when I was in KC on Saturday.  

Stephen just texted -- he got a perfect score on his Algebra final.  He is doing amazing with his grades this semester.  

Better get to work -- lots to catch up on.  RT today -- #27!!!

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