November 25, 2009
What Faith Can Do ...
Needed to hear this song today.  Thanks Michelle -- love you girl!! 
Still confounds me about "well meaning" people and those who will do anything to get some glory. 
Go Away Boo!!!!   (I am trying to have a better attitude, believe it or not!!  I let out steam here so I don't tell those people to their face how much of an idiot  dolt I think they are!! -- I am really trying ... honest)  And I'm praying for a better attitude!

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Blogger Jenna B said...

Definitely vent on Blogger so you don't tell people what you really want to say, that's great!

Actually, the cinnamon is strangely good in that dish. It has the spice of the pepper with the sweetness of the raisins and apples...I really like it

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