November 10, 2009

Long day yesterday, doc sent me to be sure it wasn't a blood clot.  Thank the Lord they could not locate any in my arm.  She said your body has been through A LOT.  Wanted to rule that out, which would be the worst thing.  She said it would not be from 3 radiation treatments.  So ... we have no clue.  Possibly still leftover trauma from the mastectomy.  ????  Hurts today but not as bad. Did take a percocet.  Just one.

Work is not good right now.  Please pray for our supervisor, he must be under a terrible amount of stress.  I am thankful for my co-workers and would hate for them to quit over things that have been happening.  Please pray that the Lord turns everything around and works things out. 

Day off tomorrow.  Stephen has school and Josh works.  {sigh}  I plan on going to the Veteran's Day parade.  We need to honor our veterans and military.  We really should support them at every opportunity.

It's been a horrible, terrible, no good week.  Blah.   Puppies are growing, I need to get some photos.  You know how hard that is?  Still missing Taco.  We all are.  It's getting better. 

Made dinner and actually ate some ... now I need to go clean up the dishes.  I dislike dishes in the sink.  Wigs me out.  When we redo the kitchen, we are so getting a dishwasher!!

Can't believe Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here in the blink of any eye...Sarai wants to host Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Should be interesting!!   =)  This starts a new season of life, since Joshua has another family to spend holidays with. 

Off to clean up the kitchen ... on facebook we are counting down to Thanksgiving with thankful posts.  My post for yesterday was I am thankful for my husband, today it was I am thankful for Taco.  No particular order cause I can post quite a few each day ...

It goes without saying that I am thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ, His saving grace and healing power every day and every hour.  And thankful for all of those that pray for me.  Prayer works.

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