November 3, 2009
Missing Taco ...

I can officially say that last night was one of those "longest nights of your life".  Made it to work -- because I couldn't bear the thought of staying home in an empty house.  A house without Taco.  My grief is real, I decided I really don't care if people don't understand.  They don't have to.  Trying to think of good memories -- but the emptiness is still so fresh. 
Yesterday afternoon we were out in the yard looking at the goats, and of course Taco was following me. He ran like the wind -- not a normal little dog run -- but more like a deer.  He flowed when he ran.  I remember thinking when I watched him, how much I loved to see him run.  It was so different than a dog's run.
Woke up this morning, and tried to pray ... it wasn't the same, he'd come hang out with me in the living room until I went in the shower, then he'd go hang with Stephen until I made sure he was up for school.
Poor Stephen ... I'm thankful Stephen shared him with me.  Stephen told me during my treatments months ago, you need him Mom, let him stay with you.  He gave of himself so I could have comfort.  All those times I had to spend alone, I wasn't really alone.  My friend Taco was with me.  I love you Taco.  You will be missed ... so very, very much.

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