October 25, 2009
I Had ...
...a post all written up on Friday, Oct 23rd, but blogger decided to be uncooperative, and now its gone.

Then ... our wonderful  awful internet went over the fair access policy with a simple download of Java for Stephen's laptop.  It seriously fails, but its still better than dial up.  Ugh.

Not much happening on the home front ... was up before the sun today, in fact its still pitch dark out.  Debating going walking and I still might ... church this morning and evening, then we have a Pie Social after the evening service to honor the ministers ... its National Clergy Appreciation Month.  I made a Pecan Pie, since its hub's favorite.  Glad its not mine, it would be too tempting.  Let's talk peach or french silk ... then we're really talking.

I have collected over 100 of these ... how awesome is that?  Thanks guys!  It's not really so much about the 10 cents Yoplait will donate but about the support it shows those in need.   Even collecting them takes an effort ... even my boys are careful to keep them!  
Did you know 80% of woman who are diagnosed with breast cancer have no history of it in their families?   Of course, if they do, its a greater risk.  Wow.  Mammagrams are not 100% accurate -- it didn't find mine -- and by the time you feel it, it will be pretty big. 
So -- get them done AND check monthly.  Know your girls, so you know what is different in them. 

Don't know how to do it correctly?  Go here 

You can also register to have an email  reminder sent to you each month -- go here to sign up.

Been playing this on Facebook ... I am in a friendly competition with Josh -- who after no internet will probably surpass me today!   I even called Sarai yesterday to take care of it for me.  LOL!   I am up to Level 14 -- Stephen is at 24, so I don't play against him. 

We were supposed to go to lunch with Lexi's dad and bonus mom ... but that might fall through.  I didn't plan lunch today ... any suggestions?  I didn't even take anything out to defrost...  

Off to walk for a bit ... since it plans on being a busy week with walking time limited ... enjoy this wonderful Lord's day! 

Any one have a good, easy, cut out cookie type recipe?   I did -- and now I can't find it!   Blah.



Blogger Crystal said...

I have some yoplait lids for ya! :O)

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