October 18, 2009
Carnival Cakes
I think we had a pretty successful carnival this morning.  I pray the Lord blesses all those that helped and gave of their time and resources to make it a success.  Here's a few cakes that were donated for the cake walk.   I didn't get a chance to take many photos.

Candy Land anyone?


How cool is that?  Any little girls dream ...

Pumpkins ....

This pumpkin my hub did ... he can be pretty creative ...

and this hamburger and fries cake duo was the easiest cake to do for this!
It was pretty huge.

There were lots more awesome cakes -- the kids love cake walks and winning cakes.  I think us adults enjoy making these cakes for the kids too.  

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Blogger Crystal said...

Praying for you all!!! :O)

OH, Caleb told me your cake was the best one there :O) You did a great job!! Looks awesome :) My Husband thought so too :)

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