October 7, 2009
Wednesday Wanderings ...
I seriously debated going back to work today, but I'm still pretty sore under my arms and its hard with the whole clothes thing right now. Remember the whole hair thing?  LOL!   I'm thinking that will be a repeat here shortly, my head is pretty much covered with hair now, maybe 1/2 inch?   My eyebrows so need to grow back!  I'm stuck with the camisole and it doesn't fit well under my normal shirts.  Doc said 2 more weeks before even thinking about wearing a prosthesis, mainly she doesn't want anything like that touching the skins/incisions.  Fluffs are okay and they fit in the camisole but the shape of that thing is so weird!   I debated finding another but at $60 ...  I need to remember I need to get at least 2 bras, plus the prosthesises (sp) and the bras are about $50. each.  {sigh}  Any suggestions of finding these cheaper?   

I did get my drains out -- I had the surgeon laughing at me, told her I was wimpy and a friend offered to come with me, and she said, that wouldn't be good, cause then you would have to act brave, when you sure aren't feeling it.  LOL!   It wasn't bad.  Follow up in 2 weeks, to see if fluid needs to be removed, and that should be interesting.  I told my friend how, and she sure wasn't ready for even hearing it!  She was brave and offered to come though.  My left arm is still pretty tight and painful, so I need to work on some exercises.  

I have a list of things to keep me busy today -- its too quiet.  First on my agenda is a walk.  I'm making it my normal route, albeit a tad slower.   Hub has off Friday, so it will only be quiet today and tomorrow.   I might do some running errands tomorrow.  I'm hoping they use my donated leave, because I am totally out of sick leave.   I've done pretty well -- but if I do radiation, that will be one hour a day of leave. (30 hours!)  {sigh}   I do have annual leave, but I'm praying they take the donated first.  I was blessed with 219 hours.  

Its chilly here this morning -- about 30 degrees.  Hub still has to paint the wood stove and move it back into the house, and then we need to start splitting the huge pile of wood out there.   (all free wood!) 

We have our Annual Sunday School Carnival on the 18th of October, so lots to do for that. 

We did get the CD of photos for the wedding ... 1783 photos!   Woah.   Mom Joyce -- yours is in the mail today!   They are amazing.   I plan on sharing some of my favorites here in the next week.   Lexi's grandma is making them a scrapbook, so ... no need for me to.   I'm thinking of a large photo book and giving it to them for Christmas.   Its definitely time to start thinking about Christmas.   

As a side note, the M&M Babies -- are doing AMAZING.  Miguel is 4 lbs 10.5 oz and Micah is 4 lbs. 3 oz.  Both are off the ventilators now -- Miguel in a crib and wearing clothes.  They both are little butterballs and oh so cute!   Their progress is truly a miracle.  Their due date is November 16th (or so) so that's still a month away and they are BIG guys.  I'm sure they will be heading home in a few weeks.  

I may make this a baking day -- with healthy low fat/low/good sugar muffins to put in the freezer.  Lexi makes Josh and herself lunch every day now, so the leftovers are put to good use.   I am seriously trying hard not to buy any cookies/snacks.  The only option is to make them myself.   =)   Making White Chicken Chili today -- for the sake of ease.   I'm thankful my pantry has everything in it already.  

Isn't the bear cute?   A free clip art set from Helena at Art 4 Crafts.

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