October 1, 2009
Doctors ...
I definitely did NOT have the greatest visit with Dr. S today.  {sigh} He definitely put a downer on my day.

Lots to process -- I already know a lot about my type of breast cancer, and basically it has a high recurrence rate compared to the others.  Ok.  I get that.  But that doesn't mean it WILL.  God is in control of this ...

I did find out that I have had a rare kind of breast cancer.  I wanted it to be different, as in treatable, but not that kind of different.   Blah. 

As always, it doesn't make it any harder for the LordMy trust and faith are still in HimI knew at the beginning of this trial, He would be the one to do the healing anyways.

He did say he had NEVER had a case with a cyst like mine grow with fluid in it.  The fluid did have cancer cells, but we knew that.  But I definitely am one of a kind, huh?  

Lots of decisions.   #1 -- Radiation or not?   That's a huge one.  Daily for 5 days times 6 weeks.  That's a lot of mileage.  I know the doctors are only looking out for my good but  ... they don't have God in their scientific equations. 

As always, we covet your prayers.  Its just a little downer -- the enemy can't stand us to have that much victory.   IJN!



Remember sweetie that your hope is in the Lord no matter what comes your way and He is in control of all of it. I am still praying and hugging you in my heart.

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