September 26, 2009
100 Best Blogs for Entrepreneurial-Minded Moms and Life Right Now
100 Best Blogs for Entrepreneurial-Minded Moms

Well, the top 100 according to them ... but lots of new ones I haven't visited yet. I have a TON in my google reader ... which I am pathetically behind on reading, not to mention emails.

There are blogs on health, recipes, parenting, resources and all kinds of interesting things ... just thought I'd share.

I'm going a little stir crazy being INSIDE for so long. Going on day 4 ... Stephen needs a haircut so I may go along for the ride. I haven't quite figured out the drain bags ... they look like clear hand grenades, and unfortunately they are still filling quite steadily... and still dark red. Sorry, TMI. Not good. I'm pretty swollen under my arms -- and this thing I have to keep on is TIGHT. Having your 19 year old son help you get a shirt on is very humbling. (and through the bathroom door was interesting ... I can get it over my head and somewhat through the arms but that's as far as it goes. Yeah, humbling. Embarrassing? Demeaning? Yeah, ALL OF THE ABOVE. {sigh} (not too worry, nothing shows, its like a tank top, well not that there is anything to show anymore ... but what's left behind, I don't imagine that will be pretty either.)

Seriously struggling with that part. {gag} Struggling with worrying again, had a good cry yesterday. Poor hub. He was at the barn, heard me calling, not sure how I sounded, but he came running. It wasn't pretty.

I'm human ... I struggle. I DO trust. The unknown is hard. The loss is hard. The whys of all of it -- I am struggling with.

The internet has entirely too much information. TOO MUCH. Too many images too. Enough said.

Hub had to go in to work today. I like him here with me. He's my biggest support right now, especially after this. Ugh.

I know there are reasons for all this -- one thing for sure, is I want to help someone someday ... if that is one of the reasons. I believe so.

The Lord's here with me ... He hasn't forsaken me, I know that. Some moments it just gets a little dark ... then it gets better! Honest. Thanks for the prayers.

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Gentle hugs sweetie. Don't worry about the drainage in your little hand grenades. It usually does look that way. When Jack had a drain tube that is what it looked like also. Hang in there. A good cry is just what you needed. Huggles.

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