September 21, 2009
Its getting really close now...
surgery that is. =) Talked to the Nurse Practitioner today and asked a lot of questions. We were really hoping for reconstruction right away but its still too soon because of the chemo.
We did find out that the fluid they drained did have cancer cells in it. She said they expected that.
OK. After all that chemo -- still cancer cells? {sigh} This is also no surprise to the Lord, so trying to remain positive. We did ask Him to contain it? So ... (deep breath!)

It will be about a 4 hour surgery. Woah. I said that's long. She said it is a very delicate surgery. Plus they do a lot of testing during it. A pathologist is there specifically for the surgery. It's going to be a long wait for my poor hub. He needs to bring his laptop. =)

Keeping busy, working, cooking some meals for the family, cleaning up a bit -- occupying really.
My co-worker, our Major, and I with the chaplain are having a special prayer time for me. I told him that our church did as well. Very thankful for our Pastor and his wife, our church family -- they have prayed MANY MANY prayers for me. My family and friends as well. Thanks guys.

A sister in our church gave me a couple of books to read. OH.MY. This is definitely my type of author! I managed to read his first book in about a day. I read in the car too .. when not driving.
Author is Steven James, and the series is the Bowers Files. If you can find them or check them out from the library, they are REALLY GOOD.

Lexi's little 4 year old brother is here ... the dogs definitely need more interaction with kiddos jumping around the house. {uh, me too!} Joanna's been here though, and they have been fine.

The minister told me I didn't need to fear -- I'm struggling a little with that. Keeping my mind occupied helps. There's been a lot of "Lord, help me with this.." today. I've been so ready to get this thing out -- but those cancer cells worry me. Not that whole cancer thing doesn't.

I do trust in the Lord -- I really have a deep down peace about it all ... but fear does come in and smack me a bit once in a while. Well more today since after the phone call.

Some things don't change .. cancer still sucks -- cancer in kids doubly so -- but... our God does know all about it. He'll carry us through the storms.



God is always there with you for sure and so are a lot of prayers. Huggles.

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