September 17, 2009
Thankful Thursday --
As always, first and foremost I am thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ, His saving grace and healing powers.
I thank Him for healing my body and keeping His hand of protection on me these last six months. I was very sick before my diagnosis, and aside from chemo effects, I have really been well otherwise.
Surgery is getting closer and I'd like to stay well so I can go into it in relatively good health and hopefully recovery for my body will be quick. I'm not so sure about my mind and emotions after all this. I've been avoiding the whole loss issue and really need to start dealing with it.
I'm thankful that Josh is still at home with his wife -- they will never know how much of a blessing it it at this point in time. Lexi has been taking care of 5 kittens -- young bottle fed kittens -- their mama was killed. Its a hard job! They go crazy when they see her though -- she's their mama now. Its kind of sweet.
I'm thankful the Lord had the pilot car going south this morning, after a quick prayer when my husband called to let me know it might be a while before I can get to work. There must have been 150-200 cars! Woah! But there was no delay once I had to make my right turn. Thanks Lord!
I'm thankful for people today -- my family, friends, church brothers and sisters, and co-workers. They have helped me through these last few months. If they only knew. My husband said it simply -- people may think they know what someone goes through, but unless they can see in your mind, they do not. I hope that I can be more compassionate from this point forward.
I'm thankful my hair is growing back ... even though a lot of it looks grey! Ugh. Its so soft but it all sticks up straight, not like a baby's that lies flat. ??? This will be another transition for me.
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Phil 4: 13

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Still praying for you all!!! :O)

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