September 8, 2009
Negative ...
everything came back negative for cancer metastases! Basically it didn't spread anywhere.

She said the tests showed no signs or symptoms ... her words, not mine. She didn't mention anything about the tumour, only that the surgeon had emailed Dr. S and her about what she found and her surgery plans. I will call the nurse practitioner in Overland Park on Thursday to find out about the fluid that they pulled out. It won't change anything, but I'm just curious.

Thank you so much Lord!!

And no more chemo! Yeah!!!

I need to build my strength and immune system back up for my surgery date, but I am free from doctors for a little bit. I still am not feeling back to normal at all. I may actually sleep tonight. I pray so.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers ... please pray that surgery goes well, I deal with it all ok, healing is good and no cancer comes back EVER.

I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders ... for a while.

Humbled by the grace of God ... prayer really does work.



Blogger Crystal said...

THANK YOU JESUS! Sorry for the yelling! I'm just very happy to hear the good, good news! We serve a great big AWESOME God!!! :O)

Will keep praying for you all! :O):O):O)

Praise God hon, praise God.

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