September 4, 2009
So much happened today ....
Its funny sometimes how the Lord works things out, you can't see it ahead of time and you think its the worst that can happen, but ultimately it never is.

I'll share a long story this weekend, my medical appointments started at 0730 in Overland Park this morning and I didn't get home until 530pm! LONG day. Quite a few amazing things happened ...

but the best one is when I walked in our church this evening and every lady had a hat on! How crazy they are! LOL! They wanted to show me they supported me -- I am deeply humbled by their kindness.

Sis Shannon took a photo, so I'll share that one soon. Even the little girls had hats on or scarves in the case of the Rogers' ladies! You are crazy girl -- thanks ladies, I LOVE YOU ALL.

My son comes home (or back to Kansas!) tomorrow. We've missed him and Lexi.

I texted him so they could pray for some things today, and he texted back ...

"God's got your back"

Amen, yes He does.

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Anonymous michelle said...

Wow long day! That was so dear and sweet of the ladies to do that for you. What wonderful Christians.

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