August 27, 2009
Thankful Thursday

Thankful as always, first and foremost for the Lord Jesus Christ, His saving grace and healing power.

Thankful for my husband, I need his faith this week. He's a good, hardworking man and never complains. (unlike self here ... he puts things in to perspective for me. Hard to swallow at times, but still truth.)

Thankful for my sons, Joshua for being a comfort and his faith for me during this season of life.

Thankful for the Lord and Tim Henson for sparing Stephen last night, he was choking and no air was getting into his lungs. VERY VERY SCARY. God is good.

Thankful for all the little things that the Lord does for us, most of what we don't see.

(Side note -- its been a little struggle this week for our family, please pray for our protection!)

Thankful that things are coming along for the wedding, thankful for friends who willingly give of their time. They're awesome.

Thankful for our Pastor. We chose to go to the man of God for a decision after being led by the Lord to do so. Amazingly (or not!) the day isn't as dark. Trusting and believing God for something specific.

Thankful my friend Brenda is in town, I've know her for over 20+ years.

Thankful for Taco and Mini -- our little pups who hang out with me when I don't feel well. They really do make a difference!!

Thankful for our neighbor who brought over a huge plate of cookies to share with visiting family/friends. She said I knew you might not be feeling well, and wanted to help. She made me cry. I told my hub she brought them over, and Josh ratted on me to my hub. He told him you didn't tell dad she made you cry, did you? Nope. I decided I need to become a better neighbor.

Thankful for health, healing, a home and strength to walk with the Lord every day. Even when I stumble, fall to my knees, or fall to my face, so thankful for the strength to get back up!

Thankful for Michelle, we are so alike, and she encourages me daily. I wish she lived closer!!
Snickerdoodle is growing on me friend, that might work!! LOL!

I made the Homemade Beefaroni and all the men said it was a keeper, make it again. Not to mention how easy it was! It makes a lot so there will be leftovers. Thankful for easy meals.

Much to do with the Lord's help .. have a blessed day!

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Anonymous michelle said...

Oh i will pray for all concerns be assured. You are so loved and loving.
Hey you could always call her Snickers for short! LOL!
We are seriously thinking of making a trip out your way but it will most likely be next spring. That would be so fun to meet you at last! We want to make a big circle starting with Wichita and going to K.C to see a friend.

Blogger Denise said...

God bless you dear one.

Blogger Denise said...

May you be sweetly blessed.

Blogger Serendipity said...

Sorry to hear it has been a rough week. Hope you're feeling better now. Keeping you in my prayers.

Blogger Jenna B said...

Hi Aunt Michelle,

Thought I'd say hi and congratulations on the wedding! I wish my husband and I could have come, we're traveling this weekend. I will pray for all of God's blessings on Josh's marriage!!
Jenna "Blanscet" Bolerjack

Blogger Rita T. said...

I enjoyed reading your list today. Have a wonderful weekend!

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