August 17, 2009
On my feet ... thankful
On my feet today. It started off pretty rough, I had a good cry/prayer time and the Lord saw fit to touch me. I am so thankful for Him -- and His healing touch.

Please pray for Lexi's Uncle he was put in the hospital on Thursday evening, is on a respirator and needs prayer. It's so close to the wedding -- and Lexi is sooo wanting them to come. Please, please touch the throne of grace. This means so much to her, and he needs our prayers!!

She's had some disappointments in life and I so want this day to be so very special for her. I could weep with the want of it all. She deserves a beautiful day filled with family, joy and love.

I took some goats photos, its like a swamp outside. It rained for hours and hours. (ugh) Here's most of the crew, first time I've seen the colored ones in the field.

I took this from the house yesterday, but they were frolicking around, jumping and enjoying themselves! Bandit is the one in the middle, Maddie on the right, and Juliette on the left.

Here's a better photo of the colored one. Lacy is in the front. Isn't she pretty? He, of course is prettier. He needs a good home. They've grown so much!

Here's Frosty and Bandit. He barely fits under her any more. Its going too fast!

Sorry for the backsides, but you can see their colors really well in this. That's Mama Knees.
They are not near their mama -- they all hang around Knees for the most part. Not sure why?

P.S. I have peach fuzz on my head!! It looks really light -- I hope its not all grey! LOL!

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