August 10, 2009
Monday Musings and Menu Plan
No real plan this week -- something to do every day that will take us out of the house.

I made a roast on Sunday, so there are lots of leftovers for sandwiches and possible to freeze to make burritos or meat and noodles. There is rolls and pastrami, veggies and fruit in the fridge.

Monday - work and to Kansas City to get fair stuff in the evening
Tuesday - work, Labs at 230 then over to the fair booth. Opening Day!
Wednesday - work am, Chemo am -- fair right after
Thursday -- no work (thankfully) Fair
Friday - no work (thankfully again) Fair
Saturday 1030 am - Fair All Day

Today is the Flag Ceremony for the International Officers, they post their colors, its a pretty cool ceremony. They post the video of the ceremony on the college's page, I'll add a link later.

And I saw this post in my reader this morning -- I would so love to learn how to decorate cakes, I think it would be a fun hobby. Stephen and Sarai took classes when they were younger, I just want to go to a class with someone, instead of going solo. We shall see.

Check out these Apple Cake Pops -- how fun?? I'd love to do some for the wedding, but she doesn't have any wedding ideas on her blog yet. Images are Bakerellas.

And these are just entirely too cute!!

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