August 9, 2009
Goats on Sunday
Josh had a good birthday yesterday -- he had some friends over and Lexi, they played football and board/card games and ate and laughed. He was happy with it. He's a good guy -- always has been appreciative of what he is given -- he's not an expector.

This week is the County Fair and our church has a booth. We will be helping this year, our super-hero brother who normally does 99% of it had surgery and is limited, so we will need to fill his shoes, and they are pretty big shoes. Most of the week will be spent there. I have chemo on Wednesday -- but will be fine by the grace of God.

The kids and hub brought the babies inside. We ended up with 3 does and 2 billies. Of course Bandit is a billy who is super huge and cute and one of the colored ones is a billy. (sigh)

Here's Lexi with Bandit (white) and the colored billy. Isn't he pretty? One of the white does (who don't have a very good mama and the 2 colored ones) The doe cries like crazy when you pick her up. We are keeping all the does. The colored one with the white on his head is the billy.

These are the two does from Knees, and the colored doe. The billy is going behind the chairs.
Not the best photos, my lens is messed up ... I need a new one or need to get it repaired. I have a few lens on my wish list. But in time ...
Have a blessed day -- and pray for a good turnout for the fair, we serve grilled corn, walking tacos and fried snickers, fruit boats and drinks.

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Anonymous michelle said...

Oh my they are so precious. I would just love to be cuddling and holding one!

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