August 3, 2009
Dentist Visit Today
I've been having problems with the same tooth (#30, in case you are wondering!) for the last year. I had a root canal done and then retreatment and it seemed that everything was okay and it was healed so we had the crown put on.

Not appears. I started having tooth pain last Thursday -- and it got progressively worse. By Friday, I was ready to pull my hair out (had I had any to pull or grip to pull out!) I ended up calling Dr. Shwaiki for help -- he called in some pain meds and antibiotics. I sure do like him!

I struggled with it most of the weekend, by yesterday my lower jaw was swollen up pretty good. That is not a good sign. I saw my dentist today and unfortunately there is an infection under that crown! Ugh! And double ugh!!

I go see an endodontist on Thursday, if it gets worse than I can go tomorrow. I'm not sure if they would perform the procedure with all the infection in there or not?? But I have to have an
apicoectomy. They were concerned if I could even have it -- but as long as I am under antibiotics, I can. It doesn' t look too pleasant a procedure, but the site says its easier than a root canal, and those are a piece of cake for me, so In Jesus Name!!

I go for the next chemo treatment next Wednesday, the 12th, so scheduling this procedure should be interesting? What do you think is better? Before it or right after? I have the issue with bleeding from the chemo ... so not sure what to do. I do know this pain has got to go. Once this is done, it should be good for life.

They asked me, are there any health concerns we need to know about? I replied, I am going through cancer treatment. Total silence on the other end. I find it funny, in a morbid sort of way. People don't expect those answers.

Other than that -- I am doing pretty good. I must be doing something right to get attacked so much. LOL!

I have strict instructions to head to the nearest emergency room if it gets ANY worse. Let's pray not!

A lady at the bread store, stopped me, put her hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was a cancer victim? I said yes and she asked my name and said she would pray for me. I told her that they would be appreciated very much. The cashier offered more prayer for me. I will take it.

I thought about it on the drive home, and I don't think cancer "victim" sounds right. I take my yes back.



Anonymous michelle said...

You, a victim to cancer? I should say not! LOl! More like the cancer is the victim with all the prayer and God on your side. But she did mean well and I think that is what counts the most.

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