July 23, 2009

I had a good visit with the doctor yesterday. I have to say, I really, really like my oncologist. He cares about me, I'm just not a number to him, and we can joke around with each other. I'm thankful the Lord sent me to him.

I waited in the room for him, he walked in the door and we proceeded to have a little conversation.

Doc S: How are you doing ??

Me: I'm doing well, how are you?

What he really was asking me, was how is the tumour?

Doc S: I'm okay.

And he proceeded to sit in his little round chair and look at me, waiting for an answer. The real answer!

Doc S: Well ?? Is it better?

Me: I think so. But you'll have to see it and see what you think.

Doc S: Michelle, I trust your opinion and if you say its better, then it is. So, is it?

Me: Yeah, I think so. (grin) I was being a little ornery.

He asked a bunch of questions about the affects of the new chemo, explained some things and then proceeded to get the nurse, and check it.

Doc S: It's much better!

Me: You think so?

Doc S: Yes, I'd say 30 to 40% better.

Me: Come on, I'd say at least 50% better!

Doc S: Ok, I'll concede -- 40 % better. (LOL!)

The one enlarged lymph node is smaller too. He said, he was very happy and not as worried.

As a side note -- that enlarged lymph node was checked by KU/biopsy and they punched it a couple of times, so we are believing God for NO lymph node involvement. One of the first prayers we prayed was that God would contain the cancer and we are trusting Him for that.

I did go forward and do another treatment. Sometimes, I wonder why? And question my faith, but ... I still believe that God heals -- and whether he uses the chemo, a miracle or the nutritional supplements, He is still the one doing the healing.

I do know that this morning, it is at least 60-70% better. My two are almost the same size again. I had my hub check and he was even shocked at the decrease. I praise God for it and give Him all the glory.

I did make sure I told Doc S that I saw the initial improvement on the morning BEFORE the last chemo treatment. I should have been bolder and told him -- that God was in control of this, not him or I. But I did get that in, which is what I prayed about before I went into his office. He said, the morning before?? I said, yes, the morning before.

One special prayer I'd like to add to my list -- is that you could pray that this cancer is NOT genetic. God is still able -- but it would be a huge worry/weight off our burdens. I'm planning on continuing with the nutritional supplements after all the chemo/surgery/radiation? are over anyway. I honestly believe God created natural things and food for our healing.

No definite on the surgery yet -- but he said if we do 2 more treatments, the last one on September 2nd, he would hold the biochemical one and I would be able to have surgery in 3 weeks after that. (sigh) I do believe it will still be a masectomy, no matter how much it shrinks because of the aggressive nature of the cancer I have. God knows how much we can handle, so we'll take everything one thing at a time.

The surgeon never told him it was better -- so he didn't know. He did tell me that on his walk from his office to the room, all he thought about was that I would tell him it was better. He's always been honest with us, and caring and we do appreciate that.

I was feeling pretty good about everything, but then the enemy flooded in with the genetic thing this morning and that scares me a little. Dumb dog. I have to constantly rebuke the enemy, and remind him that God is in control of this girl, not him.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers -- the trial seems long and I hate to be a burden on anyone, but I do know that prayer works. If there is nothing you can do for me except pray, that is enough. Please do so -- I'm praying that God will bless you and keep you in His tender care.

60-70% YEAH GOD !!!!!



Blogger Crystal said...

Yay!! Praise GOD! That is wonderful news!!! :O) Keeping you in our prayers :O)

Anonymous michelle said...

You are never, never a burden. As Christians we are to carry one another's burdens and be there for each other. I give praise for the wonderful report and I will keep praying for you hon.

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