July 22, 2009
D-Day ...
... or C-Day.

I'm amazed how much I am dreading today.

I've been awake and out of bed since about 2:34 am ... and my stomach is in knots.

I know what to expect ...

Been there ... done this before ...

I must like feeling well. I'm not sure what it is? I think a healthy dose of fear is mixed in ...

If you would, please say a prayer for me today.

That I'll have a peace about this ... and also I always pray that the chemo only touches any cancer and that God would not allow it to harm any of my other body organs.
It's pretty nasty stuff.

Still thanking God for my healing for His glory.

Because without a doubt if I live through this, it will be because He did it.



Blogger Crystal said...

Will be praying!!!!

Anonymous michelle said...

You know my prayers are always with you. May God also send His comfort and peace to sooth your fears and get you through this day. Huggles.

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