August 3, 2009
Menu Plan Monday

I usually grocery shop on Saturdays for what I need for the week, and its only Thursday (30 Jul) but already am planning for next week. Based on sales and what I actually have in the refrigerator and need to use up.

Sunday -- Baked Ziti, Salad and Italian Bread
(I have ricotta to use up! Will need to make sauce, (but have lots of canned tomatoes) so will do this on Saturday and put the casserole together so all that is needed is for it to be cooked on Sunday.

Monday --Outreach Night -- so something easy -- BLTs or leftovers
Have garden tomatoes and bacon in the freezer.

Tuesday -- Out for dinner with co-workers. Special Steak Night! (its always enough for lunch)

Wednesday -- Breakfast for Dinner - Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs
(a from the pantry dinner)

Thursday -- Aldi Oriental Noodles and Fried Rice
(will need to buy the oriental noodles and rice, have the rest)

Friday -- Pastrami Sandwiches and Veggies and Fruit
(will need to buy a pound of this and some hoagie bread. We grill the pastrami before making the sandwich, it tastes too raw if you don't. I ate this alot growing up! Its yummy with brown mustard!)

In actuality I don't real have a huge grocery list for this coming week. I will need to get milk, eggs, bread and cereal and some fruit/lettuce. I didn't see any great sales for this week either ... I am craving watermelon!



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