July 25, 2009
Menu Plan Monday

I don't do so well on weeks after treatment, but if I feel well enough, at least I have meal ideas planned. =) Here's hoping. I may put days of the week next to a meal but I swap them around alot.

I definitely need some NEW lemon pepper seasoning, mine is old. Ugh! Made some salmon last night but need new seasoning!! I really try to keep our home routine the same for the boys -- and being a mom and having meals ready is one of the things I aim for. The house chores go on the wayside at little, but that's okay. The living room and dining room flooring should be in this week so that will help get things a bit neater in there.

Sunday - Enchiladas (using this Homemade Sauce Recipe)

Monday - Chicken Spaghetti, Veggies & Fruit

Tuesday - Tilipia/Salmon, Rice and Veggies

Wednesday -- BLT Sandwiches, Fruit

Thursday - 30-Minute Mini Meat Loaves, or Hamburger Patty Special, Small Pasta, Veggies

Friday - Homemade Pizza/Calzones

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