August 6, 2009
Thursday Thoughts ...
First, please continue to pray for Miguel and Micah -- they are having brain bleeds, which from what I've read usually happen in micro preemies. I have also read that alot of the time, they resolve themselves. Let's just pray for that -- they are in critical condition, but stable.

Their grandmother has a video/photos with music if you would like to see them. They look HUGE in the photos, they are NOT huge. Teeny, tiny little guys. She is a professional photographer and did an amazing job. Miguel and Micah

Saw the endodontist today who recommended that I just pull the tooth out for various reasons -- now to see if Dr. S okays it? And when. Its still very tender and sore. Not sure they could even pull it in the condition it is in??

Registered Stephen at school today -- I can't believe he's a Senior. Its a sad as well as a happy time.

No new goats, but the guinea eggs are hatching! Going to call it an early night tonight, I am wiped out. Love ya all!

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Anonymous michelle said...

Hello sweetie! I have had teeth pulled when they were in pretty rough states even with infections and I actually did great. Much better than with the silly things! huggles!

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