August 7, 2009
22 days and counting ...
Last time I checked we had 3 months until the wedding, now its 3 weeks! I feel like we have a list a mile long ... but it's 90% things we couldn't have done any sooner anyway. (sigh)

I've just recently found my friend Jeanine from Colorado on Facebook and she lives in St. Joe, Missouri now. (about 45 minutes from Leavenworth) And she's coming to the wedding!

I'm super excited to make contact with her again, although we live a little far to hang out, which is a bummer because I don't have someone like that in my life right now. I miss doing "things" with another sister in the Lord. Too much alone time means too much thinking. :(

She's an artist and super talented and has some things in a show later this month, I hope to get up there and see it. We're blessed to own (been given!) some of her work. She's who I rode horses with in Colorado.
Stephen's 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Espinosa had asked me to make a mule for a program that they were having at school. I can't remember what the play was about but I do remember the fun we had making the mule. Totally her creativity. This is Jeanine and Ol' Sal.

I could NEVER have done that myself -- I helped her rather than she helping me. We hauled that thing to the school in the back of a UHaul truck and rolled it down the hall. I remember Mrs. Espinosa walking out of her class and seeing the mule, and just standing there with her mouth open, totally speechless. She loved it and begged to keep her.

Good times -- I am super excited!!! I can't wait to see her again.

Oh -- Knees delivered today .. and she gave birth to 2 goats!! Lexi and I hope one is a girl because we are going to work on getting hub to let us keep her. Lexi came over the other night and sat in the field with Bandit in her lap. Its such a peaceful feeling to cuddle one of God's little critters.

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