August 12, 2009
Lots going on this week ...
Today is my mom's birthday, she would have been 88 years old. She passed away on February 18, 2005 at the age of 83. Amazingly her heart just gave out ... she was amazingly strong and didn't struggle with any health issues until her last few years of life. I'm not sure where I fit in the picture ?? {eyeroll}

The fair went well last night ... Fried Snickers were VERY popular. (photos above) We do the Twinkies tonight. I am so going to EAT one before the fair is over. They are not as sweet as unfried, but still not healthy. I'll do better the rest of the day, I have cucumbers and grapes for lunch and a yogurt.

I go for treatment today at 11:00 -- pray no issues or problems, I have 4 days of fair working to do for the work of the Lord. I work tonight, tomorrow and Friday days, and a long shift on Saturday. I just wish it was cooler.

Goat News -- we ended up with 3 does, and 2 billies. My chief, wants a male. Yeah!! No chopping block for him. I'm not sure if he wants Bandit or the colored one (who I did not name)
I did name the girls -- Madeline, Juliette and Lacy. Maddy is the littlest white one, and Lacy is the colored girl. My husband just rolled his eyes. LOL! I'm not sure where I pulled their names out either. Bandit has gotten HUGE already. I was hoping the other 2 would have had babies, but not this time. We will breed again in November. Lots of goats at the fair though.
I'm hoping to get some photos this weekend. Better ones.

M&M Babies -- please continue to pray for them. Miquel is supposed to have surgery today on his teeny, tiny heart.

I need to find twinkies for a good price today ... so say a prayer for that if you would.

And 17 days and counting to the wedding! I am so NOT ready. Pray it turns out beautiful anyway.

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Anonymous michelle said...

All we be fine with the wedding trust me! I showed Jack the pictures of the goat kids and he really enjoyed it. As always you are in my prayers.

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