August 14, 2009
Who Knew ?

The fair was pretty packed last night, I left early due to some side effects of treatment. And of course was up before the sun with the same "stuff". Blah! I took some meds so I pray I will be in fine form for later today. Have a few errands to run but nothing much. I did some cleaning up yesterday.

We are about to lock our dogs up in the barn for a week ... its that time of the month (in dog time) for Mini, and Taco has gotten to the age where he thinks he's the papa dog. Huge sigh. He is like a little crazed weasel or something. Needless to say its not been fun. It looks they will be spending a lot of the next week in their kennels.

Stephen starts his senior year next Wednesday. He has an internship and was told he has to drive there ... that's kind of impossible without a vehicle. He tried to find a job this summer but it just didn't happen. Too many people need jobs. People with families. Help us pray about this, he really wants to do it, but its that getting there that will be a huge issue. Its 3 times a week too!

Lexi has a bachelorette party on Saturday hosted by her step-mom and a Bridal Shower on Monday. It's promising to be a busy week. I need to finalize my dress and get a wig and/or hat to wear. Rachel at the American Cancer Society has offered to help me. I need help. LOL!

But time is short, so please pray something works out that will look decent. I realize I'll not look too great -- its the whole chemo look, but ...
I meant to bring my camera to the fair yesterday to share photos of the booth, we have some new cool signs showing the Walking Taco and Roasted Corn. We've done pretty well with this year's menu. Fried Snickers are popular and considering we are the only booth offering them, its great.
Its always better to have a photo -- and this one is not great because Mini was chasing Bandit around the living room. Yes, Josh brought him into the house. No accidents! These baby goats are just too cute. Love 'em.

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Blogger Crystal said...

Well, all things considered, I think you look great!

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