August 16, 2009
1:11 am
The fair is over ... I only worked until about 6pm today -- and even then I don't think I was that much help. Had a rough night and day -- this treatment has knocked me flat. I made it home and to the couch where I stayed until now. Ugh! It really took everything I had to get done what I did out there. I really need the number to that semi that hit me on the way past ...

I asked my hub, why now when I did really well with the other two treatments like this? Been having chest pains, extremely high blood pressure and constant nausea, body aches, headaches, and fatigue. It's been fun. Uh, not! God is still good and I am thankful He is here with me.

I did meet two cancer survivors out there this week - that was a joy of the week. I want to be like that, and not be afraid to encourage others struggling through this season of life. They both gave me a place to go to for help with a wig. And it was the same place! I need to find a dress for the wedding. I have a loaner, but its not the right color. I know what I would like to wear but can't find it!

Lots to do in the coming two weeks and I need to be well. Please pray a quick turn around with this mess. Lexi's shower is Monday and her dad wants to give Josh a paintball bachelor party. That should be fun for them.

I ate a frozen dipped banana today at the fair -- and it was yummy! You definitely have to like bananas to enjoy it. Stephen does not care of bananas, but Josh and hub do. I've tried to avoid most of the fair food and did really well.

I did get a bite of the Fried Twinkie and it was yummy, like a big warm donut. Life is meant to be enjoyed -- and you can still be healthy as long as you don't eat 2 of them! Its all about how much you consume and of course what you eat, but you also need to be moving and not sitting on your seat all day. Getting up and being active is a huge key.

Headed back to the couch ... thanks for the prayers. Covet them this morning. Love Me.

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