August 20, 2009
Lexi and Josh
I've been thinking a lot about my soon to be daughter-n-law, Lexi. I've been scanning in some photos of her for the pre-ceremony slide show and contemplating so many things about her.

Photos do tell a lot if they are taken in an unposed way. She has a heart for children and animals. There is just a deep loveliness and sweetness about her. When Josh first talked to us about marrying her, I was speaking with a lady at our library who I chat with when ever I go, we talk about her grandchildren and our children. I mentioned Josh's future marriage and she told me to remember something. "Josh has known her longer than you and knows all the good things about her and has come to love her during that time, you perhaps haven't had that time, but give yourself time to love her. After all, if he loves her, she has to be someone special."

Her words have proved true. Josh loves her and all the good things about her. She really is a lovely girl. A little goofy but aren't we all ?

Lexi on the right with her sister Liz. Love her blonde curly hair. She's beautiful.



Two peas in a pod. =)

They both love animals.
I'd like to get her a lovely daughter-n-law gift, any suggestions? Since we don't do jewelry, that won't work. But something that she can keep forever. Something extra special.
Nothing special going on around the home front today. I was pretty wiped out. We had Youth Service at church last night. Josh is quite the comedian. I hope the kids had a good time. We left pretty quickly after. We have an all night prayer meeting this Friday night, the Lord always blesses the church after one of these nights. If you have never spent an hour in the middle of the night talking with the Lord, you have definitely missed out. The midnight hours are the best.

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Anonymous michelle said...

Those photos are so wonderful! Sorry I am at a loss as for the something special for Lexi.

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