August 26, 2009
Wedding Week Wednesday!
Not much to write about ... you can pray for the super dose of energy I need to get my list done.

I went to Kansas City for some errands yesterday, came back and promptly crashed for an hour. I felt better when I woke up. My poor hub suffers from allergies BIG TIME this time of year and he is suffering. Please pray for him. He takes allergy meds, which relieve a little of the symptoms, but also make him tired. I got back at 9:18 last night and he was out. Poor guy.
Living in the country with all this ragweed does NOT help.

We have 2 new goat adoptees ... Nubian goats. They are yearlings. The "girls" were not very nice to them when they first arrived. But our girls have horns and the new girls don't! No fair.

Stephen I decided they needed to be named after cookies, because one has to be named Oreo.
Any suggestions for the other girl? They are sweet, and the babies always hang around them.
My husband has this crazy (insane?) idea of milking them ... I know its good for you but you are slaves to them. 2 times a day milkings! That won't happen for a while, thankfully.

Oreo on the left, and the "other" on the right, she is a cinnamon color. We thought about Sandie, but we don't really like that name. We want a "cool" cookie name but have come up blank. If we can't think of a cookie name for her, then we'll change Oreo's name too. I know, I'm weird like that.

We are seeing a little bit of that darkness the Pastor talked about, but God is still in control. Please pray for me, we are trusting God in all things. Honestly, it was a pretty dark day yesterday, we haven't had one of those for a while, but I decided today wasn't going to be like that, even if I have to constantly quote scripture when the dark thoughts come in. (and I've been doing that!) I do know and believe, God is all over this trial. IJN!

Please continue to pray for the M&M Babies, they are doing well. One doctor even said Micah's progress is a miracle. God is awesome.

Drop a prayer for my co-worker/friend really' Beckie -- going through a trial. I'm also praying she will come to know the Lord through this. Jason, my other co-worker/friend I know is also praying for this! We have a new staff member, a Major that joined our office. He is awesome. Most of my co-workers are not believers, we were all in his car on the way to a lunch and he was blasting Christian music. LOL! I'm sure some of the others were uncomfortable, but Maj B said that's ALL he listens too. Jason and I were VERY comfortable. I guess lots has been going on in the office this past week.

I better get to work ... its house clean up day, laundry, and finish ribbons and tags and fun stuff like that! (Ugh!) Please pray for me today, I need it. Love ya!

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Anonymous Michelle said...

Prayers going up for all concerns!
I think the new girls should be Oreo and Snickerdoodles. I mean a snickerdoodle is a cookie!

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