September 2, 2009
Josh & Lexi
Some photos from Lexi's dad to share ... I'll share more when I get the CD from the photographer. I wasn't able to take any except for some of the decorations before the ceremony began. I know the photographer got a ton thought. =) I will post photos of those tonight, they are still on my camera, and I did get some of the candy buffet table -- that was such a great idea for favors, we do have a ton of candy leftover though. Its better to have too much than not enough though. Sis Hilton did this as a surprise -- what a great idea. She did an AWESOME job making sure everything ran smoothly and organizing everything. She also made her yummy salsa!

The Wedding Cake
There was also a groom's cake which I don't have a photo of yet!

This was after the ceremony and they arrived at the reception hall.
Walking up the steps ...

Lexi's step-dad walking her up the aisle ... almost there!

Lexi's siblings, her step-dad and bonus mom.
They helped us a TON with getting everything ready for the reception, rehearsal dinner and cleaning up after. What a blessing! There are all their photos BTW.
I'm still trying to figure out how I can ever thank the sisters that helped us with this wedding in a tangible way. I don't know what I would have done without there help. There were some late, late nights. They gave willingly of their time, energy, and gifts to make things extra special for Lexi and Josh. Never fear though, I'll figure out something nice. My brain has been working hard and I have some ideas already. LOL!
Sis Hilton, Sis Davis, Sis Hudson and Sis Rogers
I love you guys -- THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Praying the Lord blesses you greatly for everything.
(And we told Stephen he has to marry someone from another church at least 50+ miles away!!)
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Anonymous michelle said...

I just love seeing the photos! What a very special day to be remembered for a long time.

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