August 29, 2009
Wedding Day!!
Its all over and clean away, but I am thankful for the memories we will have of our son and his wife's special day. I can't believe I just wrote wife, I hadn't realized that till seconds ago.

My son and his wife! I'll have to get used to that. =)

It was a beautiful day, our photographer was beyond awesome. I'll share some photos when we get them back, because I didn't get a chance to take any during the ceremony so I have none.

I'm so thankful for the ladies who helped me today and all these last few months ... they are awesome. My prayer is that the Lord blesses them greatly for all their hard work and sacrifice to make this day what it was. Josh and Lexi couldn't thank them enough.

We enjoyed meeting some out of town family of Lexi, you can see how much they love her. There was quite a bit of crying going on. When Lexi walked in, her sister, a bridesmaid started bawling, so there were the tears down my cheeks, my friend Beckie was crying too. Josh barely kept it controlled and Stephen too.

It was a fun day, I'm thankful to the Lord for making it work out so well. We serve an awesome God. =)



Anonymous michelle said...

What a precious wonderful day!

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