September 5, 2009
Menu Plan Monday

No plan last week and it showed. I don't think I cooked one evening. LOL! Stephen hardly ever eats at night -- or he'll prefer a sandwich or something quick. So, no dinners at all. Stephen said last night, "Did you notice how quiet the house was this past week? No drama. I like it like that!" He misses his brother.

My friend/coworker Beckie had surgery on Friday, so I plan on taking her a pan of Chicken Spaghetti and Sugar Cookie Bars or Brownies. I also will make a couple more pans of the Sugar Cookie Bars for the missionary dinner on Sunday and the "wedding ladies" as a treat.

Sunday -- BBQ Chicken, Salad, Fruit -- some side??

Monday -- Not sure what is happening yet, but probably BBQ food.

Tuesday -- Meatball Heroes, Salad and Fruit

Wednesday -- Toasted Cheese Sandwiches, Veggies and Fruit

Thursday -- Pasta, Salad, Fruit and Bread or Tilipia with Rice

Friday -- Homemade Pizza, Veggies and Fruit

I have everything I need to make these meals in the freezer/pantry, except I need some salad stuff. Last week there was so much going on medically and emotionally, it was really hard to even focus -- I missed work every day for appointments from my tooth, to my ankle to this dumb cancer. What a mess!

I usually take a salad to work, or a turkey sandwich on those Oroweat Sandwich thins -- they are SO GOOD. I really need to focus on eating healthier, I usually do pretty well, but no diet or unsweetened junk -- I've had enough cancer in my life and do not want any more from that junk. Natural sugars and whole grains and lots of veggies and fruit. I can't wait for yummy oranges!! Last year Costco had some amazing oranges -- we ate cases of them. Yum!

My husband brought home 11 pounds of green chiles -- so we have to roast them and freeze them. They are so good on a hamburgers or grilled chicken sandwich. Yum. I'm glad we have gloves.

The goats are doing well, one of the guinea hens hatched some eggs in the field, but I'm afraid the cats will get them, if the cold doesn't first. {sigh} We need to try and catch them and put them in the Guinea House. Late last night the goats were all spooked running out of the barn, hub and Stephen took the shotgun up there, but couldn't find anything. But I know something was there because them goats KNOW. I slept from 930 to 730 last night -- woah -- I've missed quite a bit of sleep this week, I know my brain and body needed it. Now its time to get moving!!

I'll write sometime this weekend about what happened -- I still smile with how things worked out. God's funny that way ... He put things in your life to use it for good, when you think its bad. He's good like that ...

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