September 8, 2009
Waiting ...

Edited at 2:35 pm -- unfortunately still waiting. I called at 0930, the nurse said she hadn't seen them. I called back minutes ago ... she said she hadn't seen them, but then said to hold on. Then she said, I do have them, but Dr. S won't see his last patient until 3:00pm. I said you have to wait for him? Yes. {triple sigh} So, we are still waiting and praying for good news. OK, Lord - I can do this, right?
... called the doctor's office about 0930 ... of course I had to leave a message with his nurse.

So, right now, I am not so patiently awaiting the results of the scans and I am on pins and needles.

You can not imagine what goes through someone's mind ... not only are your emotions affected but you are physically affected.
And I know about the "no news is usually good news" theory ... and its most likely the case ... but I'd still like to HEAR good news.

Lord, I definitely need your help this morning, and would you put it in their mind to call me back ASAP?



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Waiting for such things is torture! I am waiting with you.

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