September 14, 2009
Menu Plan Monday ...
I can't say enough how much better things run when I have a plan ... sometimes if things get busy, I may change it up ... or empty the fridge of leftovers.
I'm also trying to think of some meals I can make ahead so Lexi (or one of the guys!) only has to heat things up for themselves for after surgery.

Even if its just hamburger meat cooked for tacos or sloppy joes. Things like that. Easy stuff. =)

Sunday - Meatloaf, Potatoes, Broccoli, Bread

Monday - Tortellini Soup, Homemade Bread/Rolls

Tuesday - Chicken Quesadillas, Veggies, Fruit

Wednesday - Leftovers (if any) or Grilled Bacon and Cheese or BLTs, Fruit, Veg

Thursday - White Chicken Chili, Fruit, Bread/Rolls

Friday - Homemade Pizza or Calzones



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