November 23, 2008
Italian Style Meatloaf
As promised, I'll share the way my mom always made meatloaf. I was in my late teens when I first became aware that people actually made meatloaf in a loaf pan with ketchup on top (shudder) or with brown gravy. (sorry - gross!!) I can say that I have never eaten it that way, I guess once I like something, I won't change my mind and try it again. (or don't like something -- as in the case of hummus and guacamole!) Yuck.


2 pounds lean ground beef
1/4 cup diced onions
salt and pepper to taste
2 eggs (you can use Egg Beaters with the same results)
1-2 cups bread crumbs
tomato sauce

Combine the meat, onions, eggs, salt, pepper, and bread crumbs together until well combined. If it feels too sticky or wet add more bread crumbs. You can also add a splash or two of sauce when mixing the meat together. Shape free form in a rounded loaf or a huge fat patty. I'm not sure how to explain.
In a large frying pan on the stove, brown each side thoroughly. Try to get the smaller sides too.
My mom always put oil in the pan to fry it, but I just spray the pan with cooking spray so it doesn't stick. It really has enough fat, and doesn't need the oil.

After browning. This is basically to seal it tight together. You can either remove from the pan and clean it out (I try to get all the grease out) or just add about 2-3 cups of tomato sauce over the meat and let the meat simmer in this for 2 hours, covered until the meat is cooked. This gives the sauce a chance to get into the meat.

What I've done since I have owned a crock pot, is to just put some sauce on the bottom, put the meat loaf in, cover with sauce and cook on low for 5-6 hours. This works great for weekday dinners if you make the meat the night before, it can cook all day while you are working.

A little before serving, I will slice the meat so more sauce can work its way into it while I prepare the finishing touches on the potatoes/vegetables. It is really yummy!!

Side Note: I have made the meatloaf recipe on back of the Hunts Diced Tomatoes with Onions and its almost as good, you add brown sugar so its a little sweeter but tastes great. Below is how mine is usually shaped to give you an idea!

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Yay! Can't wait to try this... now I only hope it tastes only half as good as yours. :) THANK YOU! :)

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