October 27, 2008
Menu Plan Monday - 27 October
We did pretty well last week -- except we changed meals around a bit.
My oldest son and I were talking about how a family he knows is struggling financially, yet wastes food, has a full size freezer stuffed with food but then orders pizza a few times a week for dinner. He said that's $20 a shot. Where is the sense? LOL He's learning.
Sunday -- Baked Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots

Monday -- Hamburger Patty Special This looked so GOOD. I'll use lean ground beef and reduced fat soups (or make my own!) and will probably use mushroom. Rice, Veggie

Tuesday -- Leftovers

Thursday -- Grilled Brats/Italian Sausage, Orzo, Veg

Friday -- Halloween Night -- Homemade Pizza (if just hub and I, then Pizza goes to Saturday!)
Saturday -- See Friday!



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