October 14, 2008
Our weekend -- and internet and fridge!
We had a busy (and productive!) weekend -- I like keeping busy. My husband says I never take a vacation and he's probably right. I just hate to waste time -- time is so precious and fleeting, it's gone before we know it.

We had a decent yard sale -- considering I only had little items, I didn't do too bad. Of course when I unloaded some of the things that did not sell, I found a couple of boxes that I forgot to bring with me. In the spring we plan on having another. I am trying to declutter our home. Too much stuff.

We had some more apples left -- they are soft so we decided to make another batch of apple butter out of them. It is cooking in the crockpot now so that I can process it in the canner this evening. My husband loves it ... (glad someone does!)

I made some Bapple Bread yesterday too! It is so yummy and low fat too.

I will post a recipe for this today. I made a huge pot of homemade spaghetti sauce and 3 pans of Baked Ziti -- 2 pans went into the freezer and one we ate yesterday. Yummy!

The Pastor spoke on Sunday about God blessing those who pay their tithes and give offerings. I had been kind of discouraged lately about our financial situation -- its not bad by any means. We are paying a lot off and we are always able to make the bills -- even after my husband took this other position which decreased our income about $600-800 a month. But then I got to thinking about it and we are more than making it with that much less!! My car will be paid off in about 3 months -- I am thrilled to not have a car payment again.

And ... God blessed. With the help of Melinda's husband -- our fridge is fixed!! Zero OOP. Of course I owe him some cookies for his help at the very least.

And ... new internet service. When I signed up last week they told me there would be a $99.00
installation charge and when they came yesterday -- the receipt said No Charge!!

How awesome is that??

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God has blessed you for sure. I pray you have a wonderful week.

Blogger Crystal said...

Yay for my dad fixing your fridge. :O)

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