October 7, 2008
Menu Plan Monday ... on Tuesday!
I really did have a plan, I put it in my planner but never posted here.

We've been canning a bunch of apples the past week and every night except for Wednesday that has been our routine.

We've made applesauce (of course!), apple butter, apple pie jam (yummy!), apple pie filling and apples with red hot syrup. We haven't canned the last it was just a trial run, but we plan on canning some of those, and another entitled Apples studded with cherries and raisins. If there are any apples left at that point -- they will be applesauce.

Sunday -- Grilled Chicken with chipotle marinade, Cheesy Ranch Potatoes and Corn

Monday -- Grilled Brats and Turkey Sausage, homemade fries and broccoli

Tuesday -- Beef Soft Tacos, Rice and Corn

Wednesday -- Clean out the fridge

Thursday -- Pasta with marinara sauce, italian bread and a veggie

Friday -- (Yard sale day!) Homemade Pizza -- I found a new recipe which I will share later this week for the dough -- we all loved it! It is a keeper.

Saturday -- OTE. Chinese Food!



Blogger Crystal said...

You have been busy!!! :O) Menu looks great! :O)

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