November 10, 2008
Menu Plan Monday - Nov 9th

It's nice to be home again -- it was a busy trip, on the go from 0745 am until 930 at night! It is much better going with other co-workers than solo!
God has been showing Himself to us in a mighty way and we are thankful for His grace.
Sunday -- Double Easy Mexican Casserole, Rice and Corn
Monday-- Hamburger Patty Special (I've changed this up a bit and will share this week, one of my husband's clerks owns a restaurant and wants to offer this dish, how cool is that? My hub bragged on it quite a bit at work.)
Tuesday -- Taking the boys out to eat after we pick up 100 canning jars that someone blessed us with for free!
Wednesday -- Taco Soup (specifically request by Stephen)
Thursday -- Pasta with Homemade Sauce
Friday -- Mom works at night ... dad will take care of it! (I hope!)
We have been blessed by savings from coupons lately and have a ton of frozen Green Giant Steamers Veggies in the freezer -- they have been free or close to it! I like that they are not huge bags because our now smaller family can eat a bag and it not go to waste. Many people say they don't have the time to do this -- my time is limited too, but I make the small amount of time it takes. Its been a huge blessing -- our stockpile includes so many things we use on a regular place. We actually have enough for at least a year, or in so cases 2 years of deodorant, (men and women) toothpaste, tooth brushes, laundry detergent, body wash, feminine hygiene products to name a few. It's definitely worth the small amount of time it takes.



Blogger Crystal said...

Looks great as usual! I was thinking about your yummy meatloaf the other day! :O) Our steamers are still 1.23. .23 is still good for veggies though! :O)

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