September 18, 2009
Thankful for Homes
We used to have a dozen of so cats living around the house and barn ... and there would be no mice or snakes that even thought about coming around. Due to life and the elements of living outdoors, we were down to a couple. One of them, the main Mama Cat, we called her "No Name" (that was her name!) just had a litter of kittens about two weeks ago. Last weekend, hub found the kittens and kept saying, he hadn't seen No Name. This went on for a day and he brought them in the house to Lexi.

Not really thinking that No Name was actually ... gone. Well, she is. We have no idea what happened to her. When I saw her last, she looked fine. Something must have gotten her. How sad. She's been around 4 years or so.

Lexi has been bottle feeding the kittens ... it seemed too cruel to just let them starve and die out there. Well there are 5 of them, and taking care of 5 of them is A LOT OF WORK. We decided yesterday, that they just had to go.

All the while thinking, no one is going to take these kittens! They'd have to be nuts. Well, Lexi called a few places we knew from adopting barn cats before. No success. So, I put an ad on Craigs List. We told them the absolute truth -- we all work full time -- no one is home all day to feed them, and they are just not getting the care they need. And we added some prayer for homes into the mix.

Amazingly -- emails started coming in. Josh and I took three to a lady named Meagan, who actually had a dog in the back she took because someone was going to shoot it. He looked like a great dog. She has some nursing mama cats who will take care of them.

During our trip to KC -- Lexi got a call for the one who looked the most like No Name. We met her at Target - it was dark out there! -- and I got to smooch the little thing good bye. It really was sad to see her go.

We have one still at home .. not sure Lexi can let her go -- but we have takers! The one at home is a fat little white and grey one, who was very upset about being left alone and cried and cried last night. We put the dog's stuffed animals in there with her. =)

I wish I would have gotten some pictures. Lexi may have.

I am so getting my OWN cat after surgery and stuff. A MALE cat -- our very first cat, P.C., is still greatly missed. Josh, Stephen, hub and I all LOVED that cat. He roamed around and slept in the mudroom in his cat bed at night, he was a great cat. He did get hit by a car about a mile away from home, I saw him there on the highway. Ugh. Horrible. I made (begged!) hub to go get him and pick him up and bury him. He did. He loved him too. =)

We lost PC and Little Cat -- so I need a male cat of my own.

Just don't tell my hub yet ... I'll have to work on him.

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I will pray for you to get your own sweet kitty. Maybe you could tell hubby it is for after surgery therapy. LOL!

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