September 24, 2009
Alive ...
Feeling a little rough today, but amazingly not too awful.

Just want to thank the Lord for everything today ... they closed it without any problems, the surgeon had thought there might be some issues. God saw to that. No cancer on the right at all, waiting to hear back from the pathologist and doctor about the left. IJN -- no cancer left behind. Still believing God for that first prayer to contain it, He's answered so many and we are just claiming that one!!

Sarai's been hanging with me at the hospital -- I have a very good daughter. Our Pastor and his wife came to pray and Reverend Conn from Topeka came to pray as well. Sis Hilton came and visited last night and Sis Shannon was there at 0700 to be with me before I went in to surgery. Thanks so much -- you guys are the best. Lots of phone calls and texts -- thanks for caring about me, it means a lot. Its hard to care for someone who is ill, especially longer illnesses, it means a lot of sacrifice on their part, but know it is very much appreciated!!!

I know the journey isn't over yet and we are thankful to the Lord for walking with us and thankful to you all for all your prayers and support. God is so good to us. God will get the glory in this trial.

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Blogger Crystal said...

You were in my thoughts and prayers yesterday! Glad to hear everything went well!!! Thank GOD :)

Will keep praying :O)

God is good all the time! All the time God is good! I will sing it over and over. Praying still for you, hubby and all the family.

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