September 30, 2009
Wednesday ... getting closer to freedom!

Kidding ... not really.  Just getting bored, I don't feel up to do a mad house clean up -- but I do have trash bags ready for today and a couple of boxes to start shifting stuff out -- trash or yard sale. 

Hoping for a shower today!   Hub went back to work today -- so he is not here to take care of the drain tube sites and bandage change.  I can't reach under my arms or I would do it myself,  I just can't get under there.  (sigh)   Hoping Sis P stops by and I am just going to ask her!   I could ask Lexi but I don't want her to be uncomfortable.  You can't see anything in the front -- but ...  I'd like to make it to church tonight .. clean.

Ok -- I just asked her!  Yeah for showers.  And I have to shave my legs ... ok honestly it wasn't so bad NOT having to do that for a few months, but the hair is back.  Lots of hair on my head too .. although there sure is a lot of grey up there ... I was hoping for better but at least the same colors!  Ugh.  

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