September 29, 2009
It's Done ...
My first -- and very quick look that is! Honestly -- I cried even before the NP took the bandages off. She told me, I didn't even have to look today. {I'm not that wimpy!}

She said it looked great. Healing very well -- remember when they were so worried about it all coming together?? Yeah -- none of that. I told hub and my friends, I'm not worried about that part, God will take care of it. And He did. =)

It will definitely take A LOT of getting used to. I mean, no question of that. Dr N said she was glad how it all turned out and was thrilled about the pathology report. I have a copy -- anyone know how to actually read all of it?

I came back home with the drain tubes. Blah. Still too much. If I get less than 30cc, I can call and go back in and get them taken out. The NPs can do it.

I came home with a post op camisole thingy with spots for "fluffs" and "drain bags" Interesting, this new season of life, huh? LOL! I am not supposed to wear the fluffs for another week--to be honest, they are a little bigger than mine were. {giggle} Going to have to unfluff them a bit.

I have some exercises to do -- because my range of motion is lousy. Its been hurting/burning a lot today. Probably did too much. Nah, I wouldn't do that, would I? {grin}

I can NEVER EVER get an injection, get blood drawn, or get my blood pressure taken in my arms again. Woah. It can cause lymphodema. It's not pretty and I don't want that. I think it would be worse in the left arm since all of the nodes were removed. Please pray this never happens. IJN! Even travelling by plane can affect it? They have pressure things to wear.
Talk about changes??? It says to be very careful about cuts and scrapes too.

I knew cancer would change my life, but not all this little stuff too.

My cell phone rang when I was there and it was Dr. Shwaiki. He goes on Sabbatical for the month of October, but wanted to see me this week before he goes. I go see him Thursday at 1:00pm.

I know what he is going to say. Radiation. Dr N said its definitely recommended because of the size of the tumor. Oh -- it was 6cm. Smaller than they originally thought, but still quite large.
We shall see. I would have to wait 4 weeks anyway, so no decisions yet.

Also -- no reconstruction for AN ENTIRE YEAR. 12 months, 365 whole days? Joy. If I do radiation I can not get implants, so it would be a longer more delicate surgery, and they take your tummy tissue. (I could use some of that gone, but ...)

You know what -- I'm still feeling pretty good today, excited and encouraged even after "the look" -- It's all good! God knows all about it.

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Anonymous Melinda said...

Once again we see the Hand of God at work. Each step of the way in your battle, God has proved Himself!! Again I will say how proud I am of your Faith, strength and Trust in God. Many would have walked away from Him, I have seen you cling more closely to Him sis!! Love and prayers continue!!!

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